Is it possible to see Operation Log detailed logging from the Peplink device?

I am trying to see if its possible to capture changes made locally to a Peplink/Pepwave device in a log showing what changed and who made it? I can’t seem to figure out if its even possible to see that level of detail from the device locally.
I do see in the Operation Log, found in the Organization, the ability to see which admin user made a change to the Org or Group and what the change was before and after it was made. What I am not able to see is if an Admin logged into the device remotely from the InControl dashboard and then made a change locally to that device. The logs I see on the device don’t seem to show that level of detail nor does the Operation Log show if an Admin made changes when they logged into a devices GUI.
Last, is there a location of logging that shows when and Admin initiates a remote GUI login into a device? I don’t see those sort of events as well from the InControl dashboard.

Operation log under organization will log group/ic2 changes, and on the device itself it will show when someone with ic2 privileges has logged into the device. There isn’t something that shows non-ic2 changes right now.