Is it possible to route WhatsApp and Facebook traffic?

Dear team

I have a project to implement a Max HD4 MBX with a SIM injector to use with 8 SIM and a DSL internet provider. For this client I need to force all traffic to WhatsApp and Facebook to go through the SIM Injector and the rest of the traffic by the DSL provider, is this configuration possible?


Routing certain traffic out a specific WAN interface is handled by outbound policy and not the SIM injector.

The SIM injector will not appear as a ‘WAN’ interface on the MBX. The WAN would be the cellular modem itself and the SIM profile is what is managed by the SIM injector.

You cannot tie 8x SIM cards to one modem at the same time, only one profile can be active at any given time. In other words, you cannot have 8x SIM cards tied to the same modem in real-time and route Facebook traffic across SIM1 and Whatsapp traffic across SIM2, etc. It doesn’t work like that.

Hope this helps on the explanation. Thanks

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Hi, thanks, it was a great help, but I have two doubts:

  1. I can route whatsapp and facebook through outbound policies to use the SIM injector.??

  2. How many SIM injector SIM can we have active at the same time.???


Perhaps you could explain what it is that you are trying to do? What is your goal you want to achieve? Thanks

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Dear team,

Of course, we want to make sure that the whatsapp and facebook traffic goes through the SIM CARD, and the rest of the traffic through the ISP provider’s WAN Ethernet, this is due to the fact that in the client’s location the internet service is too expensive so Who wants to take advantage of the cellular network.


Sure, in this case you would create outbound policies to route the specified traffic out the cellular interfaces. Thanks

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