Is it possible to route between remote networks over IPSEC tunnels?

Hi folks,

I have a Balance 580 at my HQ office, with three IPSEC tunnels up, to three different AWS regions. The tunnels are working great, and I can route traffic back and forth over them just fine. I am however, having trouble using the peplink to route travel between the AWS networks.

The three working tunnels are: <-> <-> <->

If I add one of the tunnel endpoint networks as a local network for another tunnel, traffic flows between the two remote networks, but stops going between the HQ and the remote one.

For example when I set:, <->, <->

Traffic works between the 10.248 and 10.249 networks, but neither of them can hit the HQ network (

Has anyone got this sort of thing to work? Or is there some setting I’m missing?



I tested 3 sites can communicate with each other. 3 sites are using Balance router. Diagram as below:-

Branch1, <—IPSec—> HQ, <—IPSec—> Branch2,

HQ to Branch1

HQ to Branch2



Hope this help.