Is it possible to remove powered by peplink in captive portal


Hi there, I have a customer who requires absolutely no Brand confusion so Id like to remove the"powered by peplink" at the bottom of the captive portal, is this possible?



You can edit the footer message in the captive portal settings. Please refer to the attached screenshot.

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Hi there thanks for getting back to me, however, that option doesn’t appear on my screen (see screen shot)



Opss :scream: sorry ! I may miss out that you may not using IC2 Appliance (ICA). The option only available for IC2 Appliance (ICA).

Back to your question, if you are using Peplink IC2 cloud, the option is not available.

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Can you elaborate a little on what ic2 ica is please?



IC2 appliance (ICA) is a hardware appliance that you can purchase, so that you can host your own IC2 system in your private data center. Mostly the request will be from project basics that customer want to manage their devices using their own IC2 system instead of using Peplink IC2 cloud service.

In other words, it’s a private IC2 system.

Sorry as initially i overlook your question.

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Ok, can this be hosted, as in virtual instance in aws for example?


Yes, this is private hosted InControl2. InControl2 appliance can be running on Esx and Hyper-V but not on AWS.

Hope this help.