Is it possible and with what device


I currently have a cradlepoint mbr95 and use that with my work provided Verizon LTE USB modem. We were able to get home internet finally (Bug Tussel) and I now would like to be able to utilize both connections in the following manner, but am unsure if this is doable with any Peplink/Pepwave devices.

1 - Utilize the Bugtussel connection (both hard wired and broadcasting a unique SSID) for all home devices (Streaming, Home PC, kids iPads, etc.)
2 - Utilize the Verizon connection on a seperate SSID for my work specific tasks, as it is a faster connection, but limited in amount of data usage.

Is this even possible and what device would I be looking at getting into?



Yes this is possible. You can achieve this With any of our load balancing devices. As they are all able to set bandwidth usage cap for Cellular USB modems.

You would just need to create two networks. This way you can define Network A to go out WAN1 and then Network B to go out WAN2 (This is done by outbound policy rules).
I would recommend using the VLAN feature as you can tag the SSID’s with the VLAN ID. This will allow you to fully separate and control both SSID networks.

If you are looking for a device with a integrated AP I would go with the Balance One. Otherwise depending on the speeds of your connections the Balance 20 should work if you already have your own AP.