Is inspecting SF traffic possible?

Dear Guys,

We have some customers wanted to use SpeedFusion for abroad VoIP connection with foreign countries. the problem is that in our country telecommunication organization has blocked VoIP traffic using intelligent filtering and in our test lab it detects VoIP traffic in SpeedFusion tunnel and VoIP calls are dropping after 3-5 minutes.
the same happens even by enabling AES encryption :mad:

The question is that although traffic is split and passing among various WAN links with AES encryption but intelligent filtering can inspect, detect and block VoIP calls ???!!!

Is there any recommendation or solution to solve this issue ??

Does anybody has the same experience ??

Waiting your valuable feedback.


Hi Hootan,

Have you enable Pre-shared Key for SpeedFusion tunnel? If you enable Encryption and using Pre-shared Key, the packet is safe and ISP cannot inspects the packet in real time.

Anyway I suspect the drop is caused by action of UDP inspection from ISP instead of Voip.

We have enabled Pre-shared Key , but no difference !! Is there any other recommendation ?? I don’t know how ISP can inspect SpeedFusion traffic as it’s encrypted !!

Hi Hootan,

Can try to trasmit other traffics (beside VOIP) over SpeedFusion? I want to confirm whether same thing happen when no Voip traffics on SpeedFusion tunnel.

Thank you.