Is IC2 offline devices false alerts hitting a lot of people?

received over few hundreds! emails that device offline / online status changed in last 2 hours, what’s up with that? Devices online and never didn’t went offline.

[TABLE=“class: table_list, width: 100%”]

Device Name

      Serial Number
      LAN MAC Address
      Product Name
      Pepwave Surf            SOHO
      Chi, Zone2
      First Appeared
      9 days ago            (Jan 19 02:13)
      Last Appeared
      2 hours ago            (Jan 28 05:44)
                  2.4 GHz (802.11n/g) (active)
        5 GHz (802.11n/a)
      Supported SSIDs
      pangeare,            pangea-hotspotPW, pangeaguest
      Event Log
      6.1.0 build            1419
      Last Config Updated
      Jan 19 02:34

  Shows as offline but I able to access it and manage remotely.

The system incorrectly identified some devices’ online status. It has been resolved as I explained in the email. We will avoid the same mistake from occurring again. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

good it was resolved pretty quick.