Is a cellular connection required with Fusion Cloud

Can Fusion Cloud be used as the primary connection? Today I have a data plan with ATT, if I sign up with Fusion do I need the ATT data Plan?

You can bring any connections you wish and connect them to SpeedFusion cloud. SpeedFusion cloud will help you combine multiple connections or do failover strategies between two or more links.

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Thank you. So SpeedFusion provides failover to my services. Does Speedfusion provide a connection if both my services are unavailable.

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Hi @vsimha
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Somewhat oversimplifying things, SpeedFusion is a VPN technology. So it’s the tunnel that gets built between your router and Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud servers in this case. SpeedFusion will not replace your connections and cannot function if you do not have internet connectivity from a cellular, wired, or WiFi source. What it will do is make seemless failover, true bonding and a few other things possible.
If you’re looking for a simple failover solution and don’t mind refreshing web browsers, dialing back into any web conferences, and that sort of thing, using a Peplink router’s inherent SDWAN outbound policies would be enough. But in order to keep web conferences, VoIP calls etc online while for example a wired connection fails to cellular, you’ll want to look into SpeedFusion.

The bottom line is without some sort of internet connection SpeedFusion will not keep you online, but it can certainly enhance the connections you do have.