IPV6 VLAN Support

i’m working on BGP deployment and want to advertise my /32. In order to do so, i need to be able to create a VLAN with IPv6 support


I’d really like to see a more complete IPv6 featureset in all of the Peplink products too with full support for native IPv6 in both the routing / firewall features and also speedfusion side of things, this includes static and dynamic routing options and support for things like DHCP-PD which will be used by a lot of providers to delegate an IPv6 subnet to an end users device…

It would be really good to see some feedback from Peplink about where IPv6 support is on their roadmap and when we might expect to see it more broadly implemented in their products.

There are some places in the world too where new connections are provided as IPv6 only with fallback mechanisms in place to reach the IPv4 internet (464XLAT, DNS64, NAT64 etc) and IPv4 addresses are somewhat a premium feature.

As an aside - in the UK two of the big four ISPs (BT Retail and Sky) now deliver native IPv6 to their customers by default (dualstack with IPv4), and from the cellular providers if you are using a supported device on EE you are actually IPv6 only over the RAN with IPv4 access provided via 464XLAT.


If I hadn’t been hearing good things about how well speedfusion works for bonding WAN’s I probably wouldn’t have bought a peplink device due to the lack of IPv6 support.

6in4 works but that requires devices at both ends of the tunnel and is at best a bodge, then you have to firewall the V6 traffic elsewhere as well.

Ipv6 is not some new thing that’s only just come out it’s been around for 18 years now so there really should be no excuses at this point.


My assigned subnet has 74 octillion ip addresses that I can’t use because I can’t BGP my IPv6

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