IPv6 via LTE connection


we have a bunch of MAX Transits.
A few weeks ago I booked a static IP option on one of the LTE connections. It didn’t seem to work. No I found out, that only a static IPv6 adress will be assigned. The IPv4 address will always be changing and that I have to change the APN details.

So, first I checked, If i could see the assigned IPv6 address somewhere in the Webadmin. But it seems like, its not. Is that correct?

Then I changed the APN settings. Now the MAX Transit is stuck in obtaining an IP address on this specific connection.

So I’m wondering, is the MAX Transit able to handle v6 adresses at all?

IPv6 data connection is not supported yet. Please open a ticket for allow support team to review the IPv6 data plan info and see what we can help here.