IPv6 Tunnel Support - 6in4


Would be nice if Peplink devices supported IPv6 (6in4) tunnel configuration on the WAN interface, (e.g. using Hurricane Electric which is ‘clientless’) which would also require the Peplink device to act as a DHCPv6 server for the LAN.

I’ve had this configured on an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station and it works really well, however now i’m using a Peplink device as the WAN router, i’d need to configure it in IP forward mode rather than NAT, so the Airport Extreme could perform these functions (as well as DHCPv6 server) as long as the Peplink can forward Protocol 41 to the Airport Extreme. I haven’t tried this latter configuration but would be nice if the Peplink could handle all of this.

Required configuration options as far as an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station goes are:

  1. IPv6 WAN Address
  2. IPv6 Default Route
  3. IPv6 Delegated Prefix
  4. Remote IPv4 Address
  5. IPv6 LAN Address


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Thanks Nic. We are commited to IPv6 and will carefully roll out IPv6 support in phrases.

As of firmwware 5.4, Peplink allows IPv6 clients on LAN to acquire IPv6, gateway, and DNS server addresses from an IPv6 router connected to one of Peplink WAN, given the router responds to Stateless Address Autoconfiguration advertisements and DHCPv6 requests. Peplink will also acquire an IPv6 address for ping/traceroute checks and accept web admin access.

We will prioritise these features accordingly for the roll out. The more demanded they are, the higher priority they will have on our feature support list.

We would also like to have IPv6 support!!! Preferably load balancing on all the available WANs. Your products are sooo good with load balancing, it is a shame that ipv6 is not yet fully supported, although it does sound like a lot of debugging and programming to be done.

Who else think that? see here on Amazon and here on your own forums, here, here, here, here here, everywhere!!!

Any chance for a roadmap update?

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