IPv6 support on MAX BR1 Mini with 8.1.0 firmware?

I just got a MAX-BR1-MINI-LTEA-W, which I promptly updated to firmware 8.1.0 and all seems to be fine. Except that I cannot find any mention in the configuration interface of IPv6, and unsurprisingly, it looks like I don’t have an IPv6 address.

The manual mentions IPv6 support. I see mentions in this forum of asks for IPv6 support from 2013, 2016 with promises that it will be there at the latest in June 2017.

How do I enable it?


I’m looking to see if it’s enabled by default. If so how to disable? My service is w/ AT&T and I vpn into work. VPN keeps dropping and searching consistently brings up that IPv6 causes issues. Is there a way to control IPv6 on the BR1 mini???

I’m also looking for info on disabling IPV6.
We started having problems with IP camera connectivity over cell and camera vendor has asked if it’s possible to disable IPV6.


I’m experiencing the same issues with AT&T and a VPN. Any luck fixing this @1wheeler1 or @davidmhannan?

May have tagged the wrong user… @davidmhannan1, any luck fixing this?

Hi, our problem ended up being on the vendors end, not ATT.
We troubleshooted by trying Verizon and having the same problem.