IPv6 Route

I’ve a deployment with a pair of 580 in bridge, in front of a couple of Cisco ASA.
The provider on WAN1 (the bridged one) give us a /48 ipv6 class.
We set up a /64 between the ASA and the Internet Router, and on the Peplink.

We enabled IPv6 on Peplink in Network->Wan->IPv6, and it get an IPv6 of the class from the router.

The problem:
from the ASA we can ping the Peplink IPv6 but not the Internet router IPv6.
On the router, there’s a static route that points to the ASA IPv6 for the different /64 network used internally.
If we remove the Peplink and connect directly the ASA to the Router, all is working fine. Internal IPv6 can reach Internet and public IPv6 servers can be reached from outside.

For IPv4 we had to set up on Peplink the routes to the ASA IP for the public network on the DMZ, on Network->Lan->Static Route Settings.
For IPv6 this isn’t possibile.

How can we solve?
firmware is 6.2.0



We tested this is working fine in our lab. Can you help to open ticket for us to investigate? Please help to turn on Remote Assistance as well when you open ticket.

Thank you.

Hi, we found the problem, it was on the Internet router. Thanks!