IPv6 on BalanceTwo

Hello, i seem to be stuck on getting IPv6 on the Balance Two working on the LAN side. A PC connected directly to the gateway (AT&T UVerse) gets valid IPv6 addresses, but not when connected to the Balance LAN. IPv6 is enabled on the Network settings tab on the Balance.

IPv6 addresses seem to be assigned to the Balance:

  • On the AT&T gateway i can see what appear to be both valid IPv6 Stateless and DHCPv6 addresses assigned to the Balance. The MAC address reported by the gateway is the LAN MAC address and not the WAN MAC address (this seems to match the Peplink documentation)
  • On the Balance, the Dashboard tab lists three IPv6 addresses on the LAN Interface, one link local and the other two match the delegated address range reported by the gateway including the IPv6 stateless address

Even while the above all seems correct, the PC is not getting IPv6 addresses when connected to the LAN network.

Update —

It seems to work if the LAN network is untagged. Tagged VLANs appear not to work. I guess this is because the Balance Two is using the WAN side gateway for IPv6 DHCP and DNS, so the gateway would of course not know about the VLANs? Is this expected behavior?


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