IPv6 in DynDNS client

Hi development team,I have a feature request:

IPv6 in DynDNS client.

I do use a lot DynDNS to be able to have access to remote servers and for the first time, I found an instalation where the ISP supplied only IPv6…

As there is no more IPv4 address available, I suppose that we will start to see this happen more and more in the near future, so, this is why for me this is a real important feature to be implemented in a short time.

I am at the moment testing a solution to impkement a PepVPN / Speedfusion solution between my headquarter (where I have my Balance 380) and all my remote servers (about 20 locations).

I know that to stablish the tunel, there is only the need to set in one side if the peer, so, I can set it in the remote sites, where there is dynamic IPs and set it to do it with my headquarter (where I have 2 fixed IPv4 IPs), but to be honest, I would prefer tobe on the safe side and set it in both sides, and for this, my only option is to use DDNS in remote sites with dynamic IPs.

Best Regards
Nuno Olivença