IPv6 in DynDNS client

Hello Peplink comunity,

Does any one knows if the DynDNS client implemented in Peplink and Pepwave devices is IPv6 capable?

For the first time, I have the need to access a remote server that is behind a dynamic IP Internet DSL router from an ISP that is using only IPv6.

I am considering to install a Pepwave Surf Soho between the ISP router and the remote server I need to get access to and activate PepVPN to my Balance 380 that is in my main office, where I have fixed IP address and speedfusion configured already to have access to a similar instalation in another location (Surf Soho after another ISP Internet router, with dynamid IP, but in this case, in IPv4)

In the instalation I have already implemented, I configured the PepVPN connection in both sides (Surf Soho using DDNS and Balance 380 using fixe IPv4). According to Peplink documentation, the PepVPN only need to be configured in one end of the peer, and so, it should be OK if I configure my PepVPN peer only in the Surf Soho, but to be honest, I would more happy with a solution where I have it configured in both ends (just to be on a safe side), and for that, I need to configure the DDNS from DynDNS (where I have a pro account) and it should be able to handle IPv6 synchronization.

As I don’t know how is the Router from this ISP configured, and if there is any firewall on it, there is any role that I need to configure in it to allow the PepVPN tunel to pass trought it? Any spetial port?

Best Regards

Nuno Olivença

Hi Nuno,

The dynamic DNS client does not currently support IPv6 records. You can make a post on the feature request forum which is monitored by the dev team.