Ipv6 dhcp


Peplink support DHCP IPV6 ?
if Peplink can’t support.
how to user use IPV6 in computer.


We do support IPv6 passthrough (Network > WAN > IPv6). To enable IPv6 passthrough support on a WAN, the WAN router must respond to Stateless Address Autoconfiguration advertisements and DHCPv6 requests. IPv6 clients on the LAN will acquire their IPv6, gateway, and DNS server addresses from it. The device will also acquire an IPv6 address for performing ping/traceroute checks and accepting web admin accesses.


in this year can support?
Customer Feature Request Routing IPv6 Or DHCP IPv6.
because all government in Thailand have policy need to use IPv6 in year.
if you have plan for support new FW pls update.



IPv6 is in our product road map. So far we have no ETA time when the feature will be available as it involve of major core features changes.

Can you provide detail info for the IPv6 enforcement policy that mention ?

Thank You


customer need basic.
can Fix IP V6 WAN and LAN and can support Static Route Settings.



As mention, we only support IPv6 pass-through mode that allow the IPv6 traffics pass-through from LAN to WAN. For IP address assigning & routing this need to be handle by the IPv6 device that connected to the WAN connection.

Thank You


And if you are using VLANs, don’t expect any IPv6 support. It only works on the native VLAN - which we don’t use for anything.


Now with FW 7.0.x out, any update on IPv6 support for anything other than the non-native VLAN? All of our traffic is on tagged VLANs. I would love to be able to do IPv6 pass-through mode on VLANs. And, do real native IPv6 in the router as well…