IPSEC with Dynamic IP

I like to know can a branch using Cisco router with dynamic IP connect through IPSEC VPN to Peplink 580 in HQ with static IP ?

Can the Peplink 20/30 replace the Cisco router in the scenerio above ?

Is there a guide in doing the above?


You can terminate an IPsec VPN to a Cisco IOS device using aggressive mode if the branch has a dynamic IP address. A Balance 20/30 router will also accomplish this. You can download a Peplink Balance user manual at: http://www.peplink.com/support/downloads/

I found a guide - “Cisco IPSEC Configuration Guide” which give sample of Cisco config connect to Peplink in Aggressive Mode, but the scenario is the other way - Peplink is having Dynamic IP & Cisco is Static IP.

Do you have another guide which is Cisco with dynamic IP & Peplink is static IP ? I just wonder does it actually work in this way ?

This should be no problem. If the Peplink Balance has a dynamic IP address and the Cisco side is static, the Balance will point to the Cisco in the “Remote Gateway IP Address” field. Local and remote IDs must be used, and they each need to contain the “@” symbol in the string.

Thanks for the reply but my case is the other way, peplink is having static IP, Cisco is using Dynamic IP.

In this case then you would leave the “Remote Gateway IP Address” field blank in the Peplink, and the Cisco would point to the static IP address of your Balance 580 at HQ.