IPSEC VPN with Local



Connecting a Peplink 210 to a Cisco ASA (Don’t remember what the tech said specifically 5505,5510 etc)
Ive confirmed all the other settings and was wondering if my local networks “have” to be opened up.

Also we have 3 WANs, would he need to add 2 more peers to his cisco?

No matter what I do all I see is “No acceptable response, please verify the settings.” In the event log.


The local networks would have to be allowed in the ACL of the Cisco.

We do have a whitepaper for Peplink to Cisco ASA (5505):

If it still is unable to connect, appreciate if you could send Cisco configuration log files to us via a support ticket or feel free to PM as well.

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Local networks do not all have to be opened up but defined the same way on both sides. It is optional to add the other peers to his Cisco for failover. Is this a main mode or aggressive mode VPN? If aggressive mode is used, both the local and remote IDs need to contain the “@” symbol in the string.

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@ Jarid, your PMs are full
@ Ron, Its main mode.

Would the local IPs need to be /24 or /32 rather than /16?

EDIT: changing the local networks to /32 fixed it

Excellent, the Cisco must have been configured for your local networks to be /32 then.

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