IPSec VPN with Cisco RV180. Aggressive mode not compatible?


We are trying to use the Max Br1 with our Cisco Rv180s to create an IPSec tunnel back for management. We have a static on our hosted site but not one with our Max Br1. This is fine as aggressive mode allows this configuration. However when setting up the devices I am using User-FQDN for our remote identifier and the Cisco will not allow the ‘@’ character.

EG: Max Br1

Local identifier: Type U-FQDN: cisco@peplink
Remote identifier: peplink@cisco

Cisco Rv180s

Local identifier: Type U-FQDN: cisco@peplink - “Rejects @ symbol”
Remote identifier: peplink@cisco

Is there a way around this config rejection? It seems that this is the only way with aggressive mode for access using a single side static. Has anyone set up a Max Br1 with a Cisco Rv180s in aggressive mode succesfully?

EDIT: Link to error on cisco Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Do note the RV180 is part of the LINKSYS line and they do not have the same IOS as other Cisco devices.

On the same note, connecting this rv180s to a FusionHub in a star configuration, is that possible as well?


Based on the article here, U-FQDN is supported by Cisco RV180 router. You may need to confirm with Cisco.

Alternatively, you may try to put IP address as U-FQDN. We do support this. I noticed Cisco RV180 router also supported this based on the article above.

Thank you.

U-FQDN does not work with these two devices evidently. The Peplink wants an @ character between devices which the RV180 rejects.

FusionHUB IPSEC settings
EG Local FQDN: peplink@cisco
Remote FQDN: cisco@peplink

Cisco RV180: peplink@cisco - ERR “you may not use an @ sign”

I’ve tried working around this with using a " . " in place of the @ on the peplink, which the cisco accepts, but the peplink only takes @.


Please refer to the URL below:


Base on the above article, ‘@’ should be accept for RV180 (You may need to further verify with product principle)

Alternatively, please try to put IP address for the “Local ID” & “Remote ID” fields.

Beside that, possible to share us the firmware version running for the MAX BR1 ?

Thank You

I actually ended up replacing the Rv180 with a Balance 20 and used PepVPN for everything. Much easier!

Thanks for the update and good to hear! As always, should you have future questions/inquiries don’t hesitate to reach out.