IPSec VPN Tunnel.

We have a number of office branches. Each site has a peplink balance 20 used to create a PEPVpn to connect to our peplink balance 380 at HQ. Currently all internet traffic generated by the office branches is being pushed through the PepVPN.

We will be replacing the peplink balance 380 at our HQ with a Fortigate. We have created and successfully established an IPSec VPN tunnel from both ends, peplinks at the branch and fortigate at HQ. We can ping, we can do file sharing etc. Everything is working fine except one thing. We cannot get all internet traffic generated at the office branches to be forwarded through the IPSec VPN tunnel to the fortigate at HQ.

We already did our research and also tried added as the remote address when configuring the IPSec tunnel. However this doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas? Does anyone out there has the same setup as with our requirements ?

you help will be much appreciated.

Thank you