IPsec VPN Traffic not Routing Correctly/As Expected


We have a VPN tunnel with a company. Their Remote Gateway is and their local (my remote) network is

When we do a trace route to an address on their range, the trace is not going through the tunnel. It is instead dumping out our WAN interface as if I was doing a trace to a web server (such as google) instead of a device across the VPN tunnel.

If I do a trace to another device on one of our other VPN tunnels it does as expected. The hops hit our peplink, then their remote gateway on the other side of the tunnel (as expected).

But doing a trace for the above, it hits our peplink, then hits one of our WAN gateways, then hops out to the web.

Do you have any ideas on what could be going on?

Hello @MIS_Admin,
Suggest you get in contact with your local Peplink partner, @Michael_Ginsberg from the 3GStore would be a good start for you based on the geo-location of the IP Address you have given.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I am not the guy to give out tech support for our company. Give us a call at 1-866-3GSTORE (extension 3 for support). Be sure to have your 3Gstore invoice number ready (or just call from the phone number that you had on your order with us) and we will be happy to help you!

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Hi all,

Thank you for the contact information. We recently figured out what was going on.

Our 3rd Party Firewall Vendor was messing with the return traffic (which they were not told to do). They were instructed only to open up the ports to allow inbound access and they decided they needed to do their own outbound routing, which is what ended up causing the ‘lost’ packets.

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