IPSec VPN status on IPSec screen

Currently, if you go to Network, VPN, ‘IP Sec VPN’ you see your IPsec VPN Profiles but it doesn’t show the status of each VPN tunnel. To get that you have to go back to the dashboard. Often when working with a 3rd party to setup the tunnel I’m always going to the dashboard, it says connecting…so I go to the IP Sec VPN page to disable it and then re-enable it and sometimes in that process it came up but I didn’t know it b/c I couldn’t see the screen. Also, when you do make a VPN setting (like disable) after the save it takes you back to the dashboard so to re-enable I have to click back to the Network tab/IPsec. It would be great if on that VPN/IPSEC page it showed the current status of all tunnels right there as well. It would also be nice if after saving and applying changes we stayed on that page or even better an option to just click a button to enable/disable tunnels like we can for wifi on the Max BR1’s.


Thank you for the feedback we’ll see if this is something we’d consider on modifying. Also, you may go to Status>IPsec to view tunnel status of all tunnels as well.