IPSec VPN Site to Site

Hi, I need to create 3 different site to site vpn to connect offices with the headquarters.

I’m using a Peplink Balance 710 in headquarters and several Peplink Balance 30.

I was able to create a IPSec VPN Site to Site tunnel but even if I am able to ping Peplink Balance 30 from the headquarters I cannot do the same with PCs behind the Peplink Balance 30

it is as if routes missed into the Peplink…

Someone can help me, Please ???


Is there a firewall rule in the Balance 30 or PC firewalls blocking this traffic? Are you able to ping these PCs from the Balance 30 router?

Thanks, I tried to disable PC firewall and now it works…
it was so simple … arghhh

but How can I configure the firewall to avoid completely disable it?

The best place to start is Network>Firewall>Inbound Firewall Rules. Basically you can set the default rule Deny All. Then you can create a Allow rule for the destination network (Source - Network address) and the rest any, then allow. Basically this will just allow the remote network to access your local network while denying all others. Should you have the need to allow others access this can be done by simply defining these in the inbound firewall rules :slight_smile:

Thanks :up: