IPSEC VPN Question


hi I am using the pepwave MAX BR1 LTE as a remote client and it is connecting to an IPSEC VPN. Our internal networks span several address ranges and other routers allow me to set the destination encrypt mask as “ANY” . On the web interface it looked like it only allowed specification of an IP address and a subnet mask ??

any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Yo,

The Peplink does not have this option so subnets must be specified explicitly.



This sounds like a useful feature so our dev team is investigating the possibility of implementing this.



Hi Yo,

We will support setting up Local/Remote networks as to achieve the goal to route all traffic to IPsec vpn, is this enough for your case? Also, is your remote IPsec gateway a Cisco or some other devices? If you’re interested to give it a try, please create a support ticket here and let us know more about your requirement. Cheers. :slight_smile: