Ipsec vpn ovh


I’m trying to make a vpn between a peplink and a vRack at OVH provider.
Here is the guide to make a vpn to ovh.

So I have this config :
Remote host : 92.222.188.xxx
Remote network : 10.10.XX.YY
psk : XXXXX
ike : AES256 + SHA1
Group 2 et 5
lifetime :1200
ESP : AES256 + SHA1
group : none
lifetime : 3600

And I have this result :

IPsec: ovhvpn/1x1 - Malformed payload, please verify the Preshared Key or other settings.
IPsec: ovhvpn/1x1 - No acceptable response, please verify the settings.

How can we debug more to get know the problem?



OVH is a non-Validated IPSEC VPN device/gateway for Peplink. To further test on this, you may need to further tweak around the available IPSEC setting.

Base on the OVH user guide given:

site2site mode important notes

In most cases while configuring VPN you should set appropriate Local ID for proper mode selection.

  • Local Identifier Type : FQDN
  • Local Identifier : site2site_mode

Do you configure the local ID for Peplink ? As the info is not included for the given IPSEC configuration.

Thank You


No I tried, but I got “Invalid Local ID”. It want a FQDN with “.” in it.

I also tried using SSH and system debougmode
But I don’t get more information about the error.



If using Main Mode you shouldn’t need to configure Local/Remote ID’s as it is typically only needed with Aggressive.

Otherwise Local/Remote ID’s of the Balance will need to be configured as follows:
NOTE Values can be changed however @ symbol is required.

Local: Peplink@OVH
Remote: OVH@Peplink

Local: OVH@Peplink
Remote: Peplink@OVH

May need to see how IPsec is configured on the Balance as well if still not connecting.

hey hsauvage, did you ever get your peplink router to connect to OVH?
I am going through the EXACT same issue myself, except I’m using a Balance One.

I have tried the solutions above with no success.