IPSec VPN from Peplink to Fortigate, ASA515, and Checkpoint

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I am newcomer in Peplink,

I have a customer need a make IP Sec connection between Peplink to Peplink ( branch 1), Peplink to Fortigate-100, , to ASA5515 and Checkpoint router. Officially Peplink only support Cisco and Juniper to create IPSec tunnel. but there are case Peplink can connect to Fortigate. any experience or advise


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Hello @Primdas_Suhandra9381,
We have been using the various Peplink|Pepwave models for many years and often have customers that use IPSec outside of the confirmed compatibility brands. The IPSec tunnel will work fine if you align the setting on the other device with the Peplink|Pepwave.

A recommendation is to use PepVPN/SpeedFusion instead of IPSec where ever possible, especially between Peplink|Pepwave devices.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi Marcus,
Thanks for response and sharing.

I am trying to get more detail information about this integration since it is live production network and different geograpical area, even different country.

  1. need detail IPSEC configuration between Peplink to ASA, FG-100, Check point and new one PAlo Alto FW since they plan to migrate all FW to Palo.

  2. Others Option : Peplink act as Load balancing only, all tunnel is between the Firewall , need to reconfigure the FW .

Pls share any other option we can do because this is our first customer with network complexity like this. Any feedback from Peplink support highly appreciated. I am in Indonesia and Support by Nadi Gharib but he is on leave at this moment. Implementation plan is next week Thanks