Ipsec vpn for home users?

is it possible to setup a ipsec vpn for a home user with a dynamic ip running xp?

the link above describes how to setup windows with a vpn client using ipsec and certificates. I’m guessing i would setup a connection in the peplink 310 with aggressive mode enabled.

Peplink supports PPTP server to allow client from Internet to connect to private segment on Peplink, but not IPsec or L2TP.



Does the the PPTP server have to be a separate device ont he network? or can the peplink support pptp server functionality?

what is ipsec vpn’s aggressive mode used for?

Peplink Balance 210 and above have the PPTP Server functionality built-in. there’s no need for a separate device. but in drop-in mode the PPTP server functionality will be disabled and the rule should be played by the back-end firewall.