IPSEC VPN dropping on BR1


Hi, I am looking for some advice please, we recently installed a MAX BR1 with a 3G data sim and external aerial at one of our colleagues remote office. We set up a VPN connecting to a Draytek Vigor 2830n-plus which works fine for a period of time then drops out for no apparent reason and does not reconnect immediately.
The internet access still works so we know the 3g connection is fine and we can ‘dial’ a vpn but the tunnel connection is lost. Sometimes re-booting the router works but not every time.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you Dawn


You could try increasing the MTU size to 1492 on the cellular interface and see if that helps.


Thank you Ron, there was a definite improvement, it dropped but only momentarily and re-connected again. I will monitor during next full day use, thanks again for the tip.