IPSEC VPN connection Peplink - 3rd party hardware

Hi There,

I want to be able to use my peplink box with existing 3rd party hardware to establish a ipsec VPN that requires a preshared key.

Can anyone help

I am having issues with a similar setup, I’d like my 580 to allow L2TP IPEC traffic through to my MAC Mini VPN Gateway server… Although I have have been instructed to enable the IPSEC NAT-T option I cannot seem to esablish a VPN connection…

Hello Danny,

I’m going to post it again here.

You will need to use either a Inbound Access or Nat Mapping.

The following article describes how to set up an Inbound Access.


You can use NAT Mapping as well. However, It will be one to one NAT and all the ports will be forwarded to the device.


The following article describes how different these functions are.


Hello Luke,

Could you tell us where your existing 3rd party VPN device is located at? If it is located right behind the balance, you can follow the same setup as Danny needs to.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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The Peplink Team

Hi Luke,

I know that you also opened a ticket for IPSec help which I have responded to. If you do have further questions, feel free to update me with the ticket rather than the forums.

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The Peplink Team

I am trying to build IPsec VPN between peplink 210 and cisco RV042.
First I try Main Mode, and it work immediately.
Then I tried to put the cisco without const IP
So I changed to Aggressive Mode.
and put and email address in both Local and remote ID.
in the cisco RV042 I choose dynamic IP + Email address and put the same Email address

it is not working
What did I did wrong?
Thanks, Dror

Thanks Dror. We will need to take a closer look at your Cisco and Peplink config. Could you please send them to us via support?