IPSec VPN between Balance 20 and Cisco ASA 5505 keeps dropping

Cisco logs report PFS not received
Peplink has PFS Group 2 configured
Tunnel has been stable for the last 30 days and suddenly started sporadically dropping

Looking for troubleshooting ideas, support, fixes, etc.

…and I’m experiencing horrible VOIP call quality.


You could try rebooting the tunnel if you haven’t done so already and the routers themselves. Otherwise if you could create a support ticket and include the Cisco Logs along with the IPsec configuration and enable remote assistance (Status tab) on the Balance 20 device, we can certainly take a closer look. Any recent changes at all to either end, such as configuration changes or firmware/software upgrades?


For VOIP I would recommend going to Network>QoS and set RTP/SIP traffic to High so that it is prioritized over regular data. Is the VOIP quality related at all to IPsec tunnel instability?