IPSec to NetGear Product

I have two locations and have successfully setup an IPSec tunnel between them. Site A ( has a Balance 30 and Site B ( has a Netgear 4 port Giga switch. Site A initiates and Site B is a responder. All is good but I am not able to access servers on site B. At one point I could but I can’t now.

What settings should I be looking at? Do I need to add a static route?

Also, if I use client side software to go through the Balance 30 to connect to Site B, it hangs in Phase 2 even though I have pass through turned on. THis has a separate policy and I can successfully make it work with the Balance out of the way.

Any help is appreciated

I am not sure if this helps but look at this link…

For those of you that are technical, you can read this KB article to see what is going on here: Configure L2TP/IPsec server behind NAT-T device - Windows Server | Microsoft Learn


Hi Derick,

May I know you are using Peplink as IPsec termination at Site A or the IPsec is just passthrough the Peplink unit?

If it is about IPsec passthrough the Peplink, please refer the following FAQ for details

If you are using Peplink as IPsec termination, please send us the login of the Peplink unit via http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/