IPSec Site to Site not working properly between Peplink Balance 20 and Ubiquiti Edge Router PoE

Hello Guys. I have a little issue here. Hope you can help me out.
1- I have an IPSec Site to Site established between an Edge Router PoE and a Balance 20. This is working half way.

2- The issue is that I cannot access one of the networks on the Peplink side.

3- The network on the Edge Router is and the networks on Peplink are and I can access the network with no issues at all. However, I cannot access the network.

4- The is not actually a network. It is a static route on the Peplink router (IP pointing to a Vlan on a switch (IP The static route looks like this on the Peplink:
Destination Network Subnet Mask Default Gateway

I have attached a picture of the issue when going to IPSec VPN tab on Status Page.