IPIP tunnel

do you have support for IPIP tunnel in the BR1

Hi David,

IPIP tunnel is GRE tunnel. We do support this. Below is an example to configure GRE tunnel between BR1 and Cisco router.

  1. This GRE tunnel feature is hidden by default, you can access the GRE setting page from the link inside Support Page (i.e. “http://<Your device’s IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi”).

  2. Assume Max BR1 and Cisco router with following parameters:
    a) Cisco Router

    • WAN Interface IP:
    • LAN Interface IP:
    • Tunnel 0 Interface IP:
    • Tunnel 0 Interface no keepalive
    • IP route via Tunnel 0

b) Max BR1 Router

  • WAN Interface IP:
  • LAN Interface IP:
  • GRE Tunnel Interface IP:
    In the GRE settings page, please note the below parameters and value:
    i. Remote GRE IP Address:
    ii.Tunnel Local IP Address:
    iii. Tunnel Remote IP Address:
  1. As the is new feature specially built, some event reporting might not be mature yet.
  • The GRE Status will show “Connected” in Dashboard once you Apply Changes, regardless the GRE peer has been set up or not.
  • In the Event Log, you won’t able to see the status of the GRE tunnel connection/disconnection record.
  • You can check the GRE tunnel functionality by Ping, Traceroute, or commands from Cisco router.

Hope this help.

Thanks for quick and detailed response