iPhone can't connect the Wi-Fi AP of HD2

I can’t connect the Wi-Fi from my iPhone. Error is “Unable to join the network” if your network security is managed by Wi-Fi address (also known as “MAC Address”), you may need to turn off Private Wi-Fi Address or modify your network settings.

Hi @Thaw_Zin_Myo,

Do you have guest protect block all private IP feature or access control settings enabled in SSID settings ? Also, I would suggest to try disabling private Wi-Fi address feature on your iPhone for a test.
Link to how to disable private Wi-Fi address:


Thank you so much for this advice! Maybe you also happen to know how to lift Apple’s restriction on battery access, I know it’s a bit off-topic, but still…
I mean the issue as described e.g. here https://appleworld.today/2020/12/19/opinion-getting-back-to-the-iphone-battery-service-issue/
Thank you for any suggestions and, once again, thank you for the knowledge you have shared!