iPhone 6 limited to 2 Mbps unless charging!

Just been running a few test with a iPhone 6 running as wifi WAN on a HD4.
Noticed that file transfer was pretty constantly limited to 2 Mbps which I had not noticed in the past. (running a SpeedTest on the iPhone was giving results of 15 Mbps)
Plugged it in to charge and the speed shot up to 9 Mbps immediately. Left it for a few minutes then unplugged the USB cable and the speed went back down to 2 Mbps.
I will be testing this in a different location soon!
I must note that the iPhone remained in the same position throughout the testing

First column - no USB charger2-4 - USB charger in
5th column - no USB charger
6th column - USB charger back in


Good sharing :slight_smile:

Personal thinking, suspect this may related to the iphone 6 low battery level ( Iphone WIFI tethering drain a lot of battery). Hope you can also include the battery level info for the test. Beside that, i also found that few known issues reported for IOS WIFI tethering, make sure you are using the latest IOS version for the testing.

Thank You

Hi Sit
The iPhone was between 35-40% battery. When on charge, it didn’t charge much so it was sucking a lot of energy.
I’m running the latest IOS.
I’ll test again later with 100% battery.