Ipads to peplink Balance 210 to pepwave max hd2

i have a challange figuring this out, and maybe anybody here can help me.

i have 2 ipads 4g which needs to connect to a peplink balance 210 on a fixed ipadres over a VPN.
i first wanted to do this over a IPsec because of security, but on this forum i read that is is not yet possile, so instead it is now pptp.

but i have no luck getting this working.

on the ipad i need to fill in description/ server/ account/ password but on the peplink i can only fill in the WAN1 network it is connected to, and the username and password. i figured the username should be the same as the server in the ipad and the account is the same as the external ipadres off the peplink(there is still a router in between so external ip-adress is not the same as the ipadress which is written at WAN1.

what am i doing wrong?

then i have another question: i need the IPADs to connect to the peplink via VPN(ipsec or pptp) and then through to a speedfushionVPN to a PEPWAVE MAX HD2 via VPN (speedfusion or IPsec). i have the VPN to the MAXHD2 working the max hd2 has 2x4g cards so no fixed ip, and therfor i need 2 VPN tunnels connected, is this even possible?


On current firmware we have just added L2TP as well, which would be more secure then PPTP.


As along as you have a SF tunnel setup between the Peplink and MAX device. You can connect remotely to either the Peplink or MAX via L2TP/PPTP and you will have access to the remote location as well.

We can certainly help take a look at your current setup. Appreciate if you could create a support ticket: https://contact.peplink.com/secure/create-support-ticket.html

Update 2017: how to connect to peplink using iOS/iphone/ipad:

P.s. I put this here because these post come up first.

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