IP-Sec VPN: Automate Re-Establishing Partially Connected Tunnel

We have several local subnets connected via IP-Sec to an Azure Virtual Network Gateway. Most of the time this just plain works. However, we do encounter times where the tunnel is partially established. When that happens one of the subnets is not connected and I simply edit and apply changes to the IP-Sec tunnel settings to get it fully established (uncheck a subnet from local networks, save, apply, recheck that subnet, save, apply). No reboots or other silliness to get everything back in order.

It’s most likely that the path over the internet is getting disrupted. I don’t see any connection issues with my ISP (1GB synchronous fiber) flapping nor DNS failures. Something in the ether is just not playing nice.

Is there any way to automatically detect and re-establish the tunnel? I guess I could do this with a third party network management system, but I don’t want to implement anything like that just to solve one little problem.

Please open a support ticket here for support team to check.

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