IP Reservation List


Hello ,

I am currenlty using a balance one release in 7.02 managed through Incontrol .

When attempting to add one device in IP reservation list through remote web admin option ( as this setting seems unavailable in Incontrol portal ) , I cannot save as apply change is not highlighted after adding the device in the list.

Does it mean that we cannot change settings through Remote Web admin if device connected to InControl?

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Hi @Wendgo,

That feature does work, but sometimes the device doesn’t recognise the change you have made and the only way to see the “Apply Changes” button is to make a further change. I usually change the Time Zone and then change it back again to force the “Apply Changes” to appear.

This issue does seem to have been fixed in firmware 7.1.1 though - available > Here < - choose your model from the “Product” list.

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Thanks for your feed-back

I tried to change few settings ( timezone included) but apply change button is desperately staying disabled.

Firmware upgrade could be an option, but I am bit afraid of the side effects, as last time we updated we had to step back due to unexpected serial reboot of the device.

Please let me know if this point was fixed in the latest release

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