IP Reservation for PPTP client

Hi TK Liew,

is there a way to do DHCP reservations for PPPtP clients on the Peplink?

I have tried with a local Windows DHCP Server but no luck there.

Any ideas how to assign specific IP in the untagged LAN to a specific user ?


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You can’t reserve IP for PPTP client. I will move your post to feature request.

Thank you.

+1 for this feature.

I would rather have Peplink’s finite engineering resources focus on VLAN-per-port. I expect this would automatically solve the PPTP problem — for me anyway — because I could then create a tagged VLAN for each of my hardware ports and PPTP sessions would thus be implicitly allocated within the untagged VLAN, yes? And then I could exert control over PPTP sessions without resorting to additional router hardware hanging off my pretty, pretty Balance.

(Later note: Internal Network Firewall Rules might be useful here. I haven’t figured them out yet, but…)


We target to support Port based Vlan on v6.3. Stay tuned.

The more I use the newish L2TP support the more I understand why it would be valuable to have DHCP reservations for L2TP (as well as PPTP). Among other things, I could then assign DNS host names to the IP addresses thus reserved, which would make it easier for folks to talk to each other. Of course, what I would like to see even more is better support for DNS-SD, but I understand that’s a substantially taller order, and DHCP reservations would likely have uses in addition to service discovery.

+1 for L2TP User Firewalling (on a user basis, not network basis)