IP Multicast over Site-to-Site VPN


We’d certainly take advantage of this feature, if available. Specifically for site to site phone-based paging.



Multicast traffic should be able to route through Site-to-Site VPN in layer 2 mode.

Layer 2 Site-to-Site VPN is available starting firmware 5.4. It is currently in beta. We can setup a trial and give it a go if this is something we want to take advantage of.


Hi Kurt, correct me if I’m wrong, but if we just used layer 2 mode we’d need an additional layer 3 switch/router at each site to keep broadcast traffic off the WAN, no?




No we don’t. Site-to-Site VPN in layer 2 mode will bridge your Peplink LAN ports and multicast traffic should flow through. There is no change on the WAN part.

iOS and Mac - Bonjour browsing of site-to-site VPN network