IP Forwarding Question

I have a Pepwave MAX HD4 with a static IP from Sprint. I’m trying to get this static public IP assigned to my Cisco ISR 4321 router. When I enable IP forwarding on the Pepwave with the router’s interface set for DHCP, I still get a private IP address. I must be doing something wrong here. After you enable IP fowarding, what’s next?

It sounds like you are looking for the IP Passthrough feature available on MAX single cellular routers.

IP forwarding would take away the many-to-one NAT for the private network on the LAN. This would cause packets with private IP addresses to go out the cellular interface and they would be dropped by the carrier.

Would it be possible to do a 1-1 NAT map from the cellular interface to a private IP address on the Cisco ISR 4321 router?

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