IP camera on max br1

I have a pepwave max br1 installed on a boat. What port needs to be opened on router to be able to hit an IP camera on the boat ?

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Thats a bigger question than you might think.

  1. How do you want to hit the camera? With a web browser? If its http then thats port 80 if its https then that’s 443, or it could be on a different port altogether (like 554 for rtmp) - how do you access the camera when you’re on board?
  2. How is the BR1 connected? If its via cellular have you paid the extra to your mobile network operator to get a public IP so that you can send traffic into your BR1 from the internet?
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What make/model camera/NVR/software?

BR1 connected through SIM card always and local wifi when available… I was going to hit camera with a generic iPhone app. I will check on the SIM card if has public IP.

Camera is a Garmin 200 Marine Camera.

Appreciate the advise…

Are you using it with a NVR? That camera is typically just connected to MFD/chartpolotter for live video feed. You probably will need/want a NVR or cloud service for it to connect to. For me, I specifically wanted a cloud service so all recordings are stored off-site in case yacht is stolen. You typically do not need a public IP or do anything special with the network if using a cloud service as the camera makes a cloud connection and you connect to the cloud instead of ‘dialing-in’ to the camera itself.

I was not planning on an NVR. Yes it is connected through a Volvo Penta Glass system… More just for remote access… Can you recommend a could service I could try and connect it to?

Its been a while since I have used a system with a NVR. For ease of use, I tend to use Google’s Nest Cameras. They seem to be very reliable, easy, and cost effective. They upload everything to the cloud. Easily accessible from phone, computer, etc. No static IP or firewall changes needed. I am not sure the Garmin camera will be able to connect to a cloud service but perhaps Garmin knows the answer? I typically see this sort of camera in engine compartments, on the rear to help with docking, etc.