IP Camera MyFoscam

Maybe there is anybody who can help me out (again;))…
I’ve installed a Foscam IP Camera on on of my MAX BR1 Routers on board.

Of course, while being online on the same wifi network as the camera is, I can view it from my Iphone or Macbook. But since I’ve connected the camera to the MAX BR1 router and I switch to a different network, I’m not able to view the camera anymore. It did work properly when I had installed the camera at the office.
According to the manual this must be setup automatically while scanning the QR code on the Foscam (type C1), but it’s not working. I already setup the Port Forwarding in the PepWave Admin etc. but I think there is something else I need to do in the Pepwave Admin or Incontrol2???

Thanks for your help.


If your isp is giving you private IP addresses then its unlikely that you will be able to access the camera directly. If you have the ability to connect the BR1 to another peplink (via pepvpn) which has a public ip address then you could look to connect to that and view the camera over the vpn.