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I got in the car mounted a router BR1 MAX. It turns out that every time I get going, the IP address changes.
Is there any possibility that every time I start the router send me the new IP address by email to mobile?
And if not, could we implement this possibility in a next upgrade?


Tengo en el coche montado un router MAX BR1. Resulta que cada vez que lo pongo en marcha, la dirección IP cambia.
¿Habría alguna posibilidad de que cada vez que pongo en marcha el router me enviara la nueva dirección IP por Email al móvil?
Y si no es así, ¿se podría implementar esa posibilidad en una próxima actualización?



Possible to let me know the IP changes is for the client device ? If yes, you can define the DHCP reservation to make sure the client device will get the same IP address. For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot.

If you referring to the BR1 WAN IP address changes, basically you can use Dynamic DNS settings to cover the IP address changes using domain name.

Else if the device is manage by InControl2, you can enable find my Peplink device service to cover the IP address changes using domain name.

Thank You

Thanks for the reply.

I meant that every time I connect the router BR1 MAX, the operator assigned me a different previous IP.
I will use the Dynamic DNS system, although it could be implemented in a future update a box on which the mark, the new IP address assigned Email sent, as have other devices.

Gracias por la respuesta.

Me refería a que cada vez que conecto el router MAX BR1, la operadora me asigna una IP diferente a la anterior.
Utilizaré el sistema de Dynamic DNS, aunque se podría implementar en una próxima actualizacion una casilla en la que al marcarla, se envie la nueva IP a la dirección Email asignada, como tienen otros dispositivos.


Just for your information also, if email notification enabled for the BR1, you will received a email for the WAN Up/Down event.

Below are the example notification email that you will receive.

This is an automated message generated from MAX-BR1-F40B (Pepwave MAX BR1: 2831-551A-F40B).

Sun Jan 01 00:01:43 WET 2012
Current health status for all WAN:

WAN: Connected (IP: x.x.x.x)
Cellular: Disconnected

Pepwave | http://www.pepwave.com
Jan 01, 2012

WAN IP address info is included in the email.

Domain name (Dynamic DNS/Find my Peplink) is recommended if you want to know the WAN IP changes in real-time.

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OK thanks.

In what I meant it is that every time the router contact with the vehicle lights, if desired, the router, the IP address automatically sent to the email address.

Other devices have that possibility.

Thanks again.

Ok gracias.

A lo que me refería, es que cada vez que se encienda el router con el contacto de vehículo, si se desea, que el router, enviara automaticamente la direccion IP a la dirección Email.

Otros dispositivos, tienen esa posibilidad.

Gracias de nuevo.

Okay. Thanks and forgiveness.

I have given to it. The problem was my mail program that I did not visualize new mail.

Now I need to know how to remotely access the router configuration. I will continue investigating.

Thank you

Ok. Gracias y perdón.

Ya he dado con ello. El problema era de mi programa de correo que no me visualizaba los correos nuevos.

Ahora me falta saber como acceder en remoto a la configuración del router. Seguiré investigando.



You can remotely access the BR1 by accessing the WAN IP for the device (Make sure Public IP is available & Web Admin is allowing WAN access).

For more information regarding to the System WebAdmin access, please refer to the user guide below (Page 145, 146)

The most easy way is enable to InControl Management for the BR1 (Make sure IC2 subscription/Hardware Warranty is active for the device). You can manage the BR1 by using Remote WebAdmin.

Thank You