Ip Address dhcp or static do not show up in Status page

Not sure why as I have static and DHCP addresses at one site showing up but in another site not all Static addresses show up
8.2 latest Pepliink SHO MK3 code

6 DHCP and static addresses show up but another 6 static do not

Anyone ever see this ?




Show up where? What status page? Did this work in firmware 8.1.x?

Not sure exactly you are saying by “site.” Do you mean router? And, please define “showing up.”

In the interim, could it be a situation where some devices connected LAN-side are active through the WAN port and some are not? The latter may not be seen as clients until they communicate through NAT. Are the address you don’t “see” active – or merely assigned?

Good Morning Michael Rick Everyone

Apologies for not getting back to everyone here but been quite busy with these !
Thank You to everyone here for the great help !

After a tremendous amount of clean up we have figured out the hacks and got everyone back up and running

Client # 1 has multi vlans up and segregating traffic
Just found last week another round of attacks that we stopped
Every week we need to review the Peplink logs and a netstat -a -o etc.
Also each pc is now hardened and is somewhat protected as every once in a while we get a break thru but not even close to back in December ( Admin and user accounts ) and tons of changes to everything form remote to standard user set up blocking lateral movements escalations etc. via the registry , Token escalation guarding etc. What a learning curve !

Client #2 is the same way as the devices have been rebuilt with admin and user accounts , and the same as above , separated and run on different vlans as well
Its been a bear attempting to track these break ins and remediate/mitigate !
Still seeing some https traffic on blocked IP addresses sneaking in but it looks like the PC is the source and we blocked outbound . Need to review the listener ports but we shut off Remote Powershell/WMI on both also so I’ll need to enable it offline then review and remove the listener ports - All on the list etc. . We also put in a Fortinet 40F out at this site !

So again Thanks to everyone for the great help on this !

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