iOS VPN and Peplink


Has the issue with iOS devices and VPN not connecting ever been resolved? I was able to briefly connect before the last upgrade to 11.4 but have not since. Does anyone have any info on the please? I appreciate the feedback, we have a very testy situation and this simply does not help.


I have no trouble connecting iOS devices via L2TP VPN. Just tried it now with iOS 11.4. No problem.

Are you using L2TP or PPP?


Thank you Don, that will help. It has to be something on our end then. Right now we are using pptp on our windows devices, and I know this is risky while we cannot connect on iOS devices at all.



Hello @Blitz_Woofer
Apples IOs Version 10 and latter have officially stopped supporting pptp, read more here.

There is also a good article explaining the reasons why here

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: