iOS router utilty

Got the blast email announcing the Peplink Router Utility for iOS. Installed the app and set it up. Unfortunately not working for me.

  • Set up a connection to a 380 running 5.4.9. Says “not a supported device”

  • Set up a connection to two different 210 running 5.4.9. Says “cannot connect to router”. I have no trouble connecting to those same routers via browser on the same iPad. I tried using the Verizon Wireless internet for the iPad, and also wifi.

Is there something on the router itself that has to be turned on?

Dear Don,

Please send us a debug report via the mobile Router Utility app.
Menu Drawer -> “Settings” -> “Send Debug Report”.
Before sending it, please create/edit/save again the profiles and browse through them if you could especially leaving time for them to reconnect. Also, try to click on each of profiles on the profile list to see it will trigger to reconnect it again.
Also, please let me know details of network setting on your iPad when using Router Utility app.

I found the problem. Our routers are set up for web access using port 8081 instead of 80. I had to put 8081 into the iOS router utility. With that all three came up. Weird how one consistently said not a supported device, and the others said could not connect.

Now that I am connected, I see another problem. All the speed fusion vpn channels show zero traffic to each other. That is on all three devices, and for all channels. Traffic shows correct in the normal web interface. Possibly that feature is not implemented in the router utility?

One feature I use on the web interface that does not appear to be in the router utility, is current bandwidth for each WAN interface.

Regarding "Unsupported router model” message, please make sure the host name, port number and secure connection were correctly set to avoid the connection was made to something else.

Regarding SpeedFusion VPN channels showing zero traffic, we can’t reproduced it. Would you please send access information of the router (can be readonly account) to my email for further investigation.

Regarding feature of current bandwidth for each WAN interface, thanks for your suggestion. Your feature request has been added to our route map of implementation.


Just checked again now. The speed fusion traffic is showing. It does take a bit of time after you get on that page in the app. Possibly I was not waiting long enough. All good now.

Cool, Don. I have checked your router profile with access info you had sent on RU with positive result too.