iOS router utility bug

Very annoying bug in the iOS router utility with my Surf SOHO Mk3. It has persisted through many updates and firmware revisions.

If you edit on the WAN connections drag the active connection to disabled and another connection to priority 1 and hit done only one of the edits will take place. So if I want to swap WAN connections I have to edit, drag current one to disabled, hit done, wait, hit edit again, drag desired connection to enabled and hit done again. Very tedious and confusing if not paying attention because it looks like you can do both edits in one shot, then when you hit done one of them reverts.

In the web interface its much easier, no edit or done, just drag and drop as much as you want and it takes it.

One other bug I am just noticing as I went through some test again, if my USB hotpot is in the “Check Connectivity…” state the iOS router utility will show no wan connections at all to edit. The problem is if it never comes out of checking connectivity like my modem is currently doing for some reason there is no way to switch it back. I have to go to the web UI to see the checking state and manage the wan connections.

Edit: looks like this second bug is not just with the iOS router utility, something is going wrong now if I set my USB modem to priority 1, the Web UI just showed a spinner for the USB modem allowing me to disable it again, but I refreshed the page in that state and the whole WAN management show a spinner with Loading… and I can no longer manage the wan connections at all. Not good…

May I confirm you are connecting the MK3 with Router Uility from LAN side or WAN side?

May I know the firmware version of the MK3?

I wish to reproduce the problem in my lab.


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I am connecting the the router from the LAN side with Firmware 8.02.

To reproduce:

  1. Have two wan connections one disabled one in priority 1, in my case one is a USB modem, the other is 5 ghz wifi wan.
  2. Hit edit
  3. Drag priority 1 connection to disabled.
  4. Drag disabled connection to priority 1.
  5. Hit done.

After done both connections will be disabled as the second drag was ignored.

The second issue seem to not be related to the router utility and I may have to open a ticket I have never seen it before 8.02.

Problem #1

We encounter the same issue before. Bug has been filed. Engineering team will work on the fix. The problem doesn’t happen in Android apps.

Problem #2

I can’t reproduce this. The USB WAN is showing in Android or IOS app when the USB WAN is in the stage of Unknown Physical Status, Connecting, WAN Failed DNS Check, or Connected. I suggest open a ticket for us to take a closer look.

I can’t reproduce this. Please help to download Diagnostic Report when the problem occurs. Then submit the Diagnostic Report to us with a ticket.


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Thanks for confirming problem #1, its a long standing issue I finally got around to reporting.

For problem #2 I am not sure If I have just been lucky or it was introduced in a recent firmware, I reverted to 8.01 and it still occurs.

This is what I have found so far. If I put my USB modem in priority 1 and Wifi WAN 5ghz in priority 2 then the UI in both the web and iOS utility can no longer display ANY wan connections and they can no longer be managed. The connections look to be working, the event log shows the change but the Web UI simply displays Loading… for the WANs.

In order to manage the WAN connections I must manually unplug my USB modem, then reconnect and move it out of priority 1 before it reconnects.

I can have the Wifi Wan and USB modem in any other config except USB in one and WiFi in 2. USB can be in 1 if WiFi wan is disabled and vice versa which is my usual config one enabled, one disabled. I can have wifi wan in priority 1 and usb in 2 in standby and its also fine.

Using debugging tool in the browser I can see data.cgi simply returns <data><empty/></data> over and over where when things are working properly it returns the status of all the wan connections.

Attached is a screenshot:

I have a diagnostic report that I can open a ticket for.

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@jharrell, thanks for the detailed explanation. We will follow up with you in the ticket.

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