Inward loadbalancing for Mail server

We have hosted the mail server locally ( Linux based ). And our DNS & other services like web site etc. are hosted in ISP place. Since our Mail server is hosted locally using public IP of our one of the Internet service provider , if that ISP is down our Mail service will be down. I am wondering can we use Peplink & use 2 ISP links for inward loadbalancing our Mail server. My doubt is what change we need to do in the MX record/DNS at our DNS registrar place. What we need to do in Peplink ( note we need to do inward loadbalacing only for MX where in our website still need to run at ISP ). Please advice.


You should only need to add an additional MX record pointing to the IP address of your 2nd WAN connection. You would then forward SMTP port 25 to your mail servers internal IP. If both MX records have same priority one address will be selected randomly distributing load across both WAN connections. If one WAN connection is down then the other will be tried.


Ok, Thanks a lot. I have another doubt here related to inward loadbalancing for websites, in that case why can’t we do similar thing for web site also ? Can we create another www record in ISP DNS & point to second WAN port instead of making Peplink as authoritative DNS ?